The Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Alliance won by a large margin in the 2010 parliamentary elections: it gained 68.14 per cent of the popular vote, to form the Government of National Cooperation. This party alliance won 173 constituency seats, and gained more than two-thirds of seats in Parliament. The goals of the government which took office on 19 May were summarised in ’Political Declaration 1 of 2010 (16 June) of the Hungarian National Assembly on National Cooperation’, adopted by Parliament on 14 June.

The Prime Minister of Hungary is Viktor Orbán. The Government also comprises the following ministries, with their respective ministers:


  • Viktor Orbán Prime Minister


  • Zsolt Semjén, Dr. Deputy Prime Minister
  • Tibor Navracsics, Dr. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Public Administration and Justice


  • Csaba Hende, Dr. Minister of Defence
  • Mihály Varga Minister for National Economy
  • János Martonyi, Dr. Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Zoltán Balog Minister of Human Resources
  • Sándor Fazekas, Dr. Minister of Rural Development
  • Sándor Pintér, Dr. Minister of Interior
  • Zsuzsa Németh Minister of National Development