Zsuzsa Németh

Zsuzsa Németh
Minister for National Development

    Personal data:
  • Born in Budapest, on 16 July 1953
  • Mother of two daughters
  • specialisation in foreign trade
  • 2011 Minister for National Development
  • 2010 member of the Board of Directors, MVM Zrt.
  • 2010 deputy Chief Executive for business activities and member of the Board of Directors, Hungarian Development Bank Zrt
  • 2008 head of customer relationship management, OTP Bank Rt
  • 2005 deputy managing director of the central branch, OTP Bank Rt
  • 2002 deputy managing director for commercial banking, South Pest Region, OTP Bank Rt
  • 1998 adviser to the CEO and then managing director for lending, Hungarian Development Bank
  • 1996 head of lending, OTP Bank Rt
  • 1995 head of the Current Account Department, OTP Bank Rt
  • 1994 staff member at the department of trade finance administration, Bank Leumi Budapest
  • 1992 deputy division head, Bank Leumi Budapest
  • 1990 department head, Bank Leumi Budapest
  • 1977 sales manager, Artex Foreign Trade Company
  • 1971 export administrator, Artex Foreign Trade Company