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Results: 1

The Ministry for National Economy

Ministry for National Economy, January 1, 2011

The Ministry for National Economy is responsible for the general planning of Hungarian economic policy and the implementation of strategy for the national economy. The Ministry deals with such vital fields related to the national economy as job creation, the creation of a family-friendly tax system, improving competitiveness, budget preparation, reducing the national debt and stimulation of economic growth.

The goal of the Ministry for National Economy is to promote – through the efficient use of available economic policy measures and European Union funds – the development of an innovative, knowledge-based economy which is competitive both within the single European market and the globalising world economy, which lends itself to rapid growth and which creates high added value.

The Ministry for National Economy is led by the Minster for National Economy, György Matolcsy, Dr.

Ministers of state lead the various specialist departments:
The Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Parliamentary Affairs is Zoltán Cséfalvay,Dr.
The Minister of State for Public Finance is György Naszvadi, Dr.
The Minister of State for Tax and Public Finance is András Kármán.
The Minister of State for Employment is Sándor Czomba,Dr.
The Minister of State for Energy Strategy and Housing Policy is János Bencsik.
The Minister of State for Foreign Economic Affairs is Zsolt Becsey,Dr.
The State Secretary is Róza Nagy,Dr.

Within the framework of formulating economic strategy, the Ministry for National Economy prepares short-, medium- and long-range plans for the stimulation of economic growth and increased competitiveness. It oversees public finances, plans the Budget and Appropriation Accounts, and cooperates in regulatory activities related to public finance. It develops financial policy strategy and frames the Hungarian tax system in order to ensure financial stability. In addition to this it prepares plans aimed at promoting job creation and employment, prepares plans related to questions of income, and liaises with various groups in society. The Ministry for National Economy prepares climate and energy policy plans with a view to sustainable development, and it supervises and directs Hungary’s international economic relations on the basis of a strategy for foreign economic affairs.

In addition to heads of cabinet, government officials working in various specialist areas within the Ministry assist the Minister and Ministers of State in their work, taking part in the preparation of decisions and in implementation tasks. The Ministry’s main organisational units are the Ministerial Cabinet, the Offices of the Ministers of State, the Offices of Deputy Ministers of State, and specialist departments and units.