The authorisation of pesticides and the regulation of their use are important factors in food safety", Minister of State for Food Chain Supervision and Agricultural Economy Endre Kardeván said at the 44th session of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO). The phytosanitary workgroup comprising experts from 15 countries is holding a three-day meeting in Budapest.

In his opening speech, the Minister of State explained that EPPO guidelines and directives significantly aid the work of national pesticide certification authorities, stressing that guaranteeing food safety and food security, reducing vulnerability, reinforcing quality control and maintaining these services are a priority task. "The harmonisation of long-term community interests and short-term individual interests cannot be realised without the state playing a conscious role" he declared.

DownloadPhoto: Csaba Pelsőczy


According to the EPPO's new Director General, Martin Ward, Hungarian experts contribute significantly to the success of the organisation through their expertise, in addition to which he also stressed the achievements of the Hungarian phytosanitation sector and the important role played by Hungary within the organisation.

Domestic and international cooperation between plant protection authorities and phytosanition experts and the integrated application of pesticide systems guarantee the production of excellent quality foods in sufficient quantities", Head of Department from the Ministry of Rural Development Gábor Szalkai said. "The authorisation and use of pesticides has a history of several decades in Hungary and the Hungarian phytosantitation sector plans to continue to participate in the work of the international plant protection organisation in future", he concluded.

(Press Office of the Ministry of Rural Development)