The Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is responsible for the harmonisation of government work, for the development of central and regional public administration – which forms the basis of the functioning of the Hungarian state – and for quality and staffing policy related to public administration. Among the Ministry’s priority tasks are the preparation, coordination and implementation of the Government’s justice policy.

The goal of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is that the Hungarian state should once again be strong and competitive through the development of a well-organised, efficiently operating system of public administration and justice, which keeps the interests of the electorate in focus.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is led by the Minister of Public Administration and Justice, Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics, Dr.

Ministers of state lead the various specialist departments:

The Minister of State for Public Administration and Justice is Bence Rétvári, Dr.
The Minister of State for Justice is Róbert Répássy, Dr.
The Minister of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations is Monika Balatoni.
The Minister of State for Territorial Public Administration and Elections is Erika Szabó,Dr.
The State Secretary is Marcell Biró, Dr.

The Ministry is responsible for affairs related to citizenship and registration of births, deaths and marriages, identity and residence records, and tasks related to the specialist oversight of classified data security. It directs specialist work affecting the drafting of legislation, legislative harmonisation and justice policy. It coordinates and monitors government communication and public information related to government decisions, and it organises and supervises activities related to national days of commemoration. It is responsible for overseeing the legal operation of local government, the specialist supervision of public documentation, the regulation of voting rights and referenda, the coordination of elections and referenda, and additional affairs related to public administration and organisation. The ministry carries out administrative tasks related to prime ministerial decisions.

In addition to heads of cabinet, government officials working in various specialist areas within the Ministry assist the Minister and Ministers of State in their work, taking part in the preparation of decisions and in implementation tasks. The Ministry’s main organisational units are the Ministerial Cabinet, the Offices of the Ministers of State, the Offices of Deputy State Secretaries, and specialist departments and units.