Copy-edited by the Ministry of National Development, the publication entitled “Renewable Energy - Hungary’s Renewable Energy Utilisation Action Plan, 2010-2020” has been completed. Following its issue in 1250 printed copies in Hungarian and an equal number of copies in English, from 20 May 2011 the document is also accessible in an electronic format on the government’s website.

In addition to promoting the realisation of energy and climate change policy objectives, the measures set out in the Action Plan serve Hungary’s economic development, job creation and sustainable rural development.

In Hungary’s renewable energy utilisation action plan, the government outlines measures that allow the achievement of a more ambitious ratio of renewable energy utilisation than the 13% targeted by the European Union, namely 14.65%, thus contributing to the government’s national economic objectives, job creation, the replacement of natural gas imports and the improvement of Hungary’s competitiveness. In an international comparison, the undertaken target figure has moved Hungary from one of the last places to middle-rank.

The action plan presents and marks out financial incentives to projects that promote the generation and utilisation of renewable energy sources. An outline is given of the regulatory incentives and administrative methods of promoting the spread of alternative energy sources and other measures, including education and awareness raising, are set out to change the social conditions in the interest of achieving this ambitious target figure.

During realisation of the plans, the government intends to use all possible means to achieve a higher-than-the-above target in the utilisation of renewable sources. This may be attained through changes in the external conditions (e.g. technological development, investment project cost cuts and the expansion of direct community sources), review and the required amendment of the regulatory system, the reconsideration of the support and aid systems, and the streamlining of the licensing procedures.

In 2007 the European Council set the objective of increasing the share of renewable sources to 20% by 2020 and simultaneously set the bio fuel ratio to achieve at 10%. In the directive including national commitments (targets), Hungary’s targeted 2020 share of energy generated from renewable energy sources is set at 13%.

(Ministry of National Development , Department of Communication)