The transaction whereby NISZ Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (NISZ) owned by the State of Hungary repurchased the 100% stake of Antenna Hungária Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (AH) from the French group TDF S.A. (TDF) has now been concluded.

Nearly two months after the execution of the purchase contract, the French seller, TDF S.A. and the buyer, NISZ Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság have successfully closed the transaction as a result of which Antenna Hungária Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság has been transferred to state ownership after nine years again.

More about Antenna Hungária Zrt.:

Antenna Hungária is a major actor in the Hungarian telecommunications and broadcast sector.  Its main activities include national terrestrial television, and radio broadcast network services, Pay TV programs distribution, hosting and maintenance services to telecommunication operators, and telecommunications solutions to corporates.  The company has in the past years significantly developed its presence in the field of telecommunications; since 1998 the Group has been operating a National Transport Network, a high-speed, digital, microwave backbone network covering the entire territory of the country.

Hungaro DigiTel Kft. (HDT), is a subsidiary of Antenna Hungária, in which Antenna Hungária owns 55% of the shares while the remaining 45% is in the ownership of the Portugal Telecom Group.  HDT is a major service provider in the European satellite telecommunication sector, providing high-quality telecommunication solutions for both public and private actors.   The most important function of HDT is to provide professional and diverse telecommunication services to the clients using secured satellite transport links (VSAT). The largest customer of HDT is the Hungarian State.

More about NISZ Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt.:

NISZ Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt. (NISZ) is a company of strategic importance for providing infocommunication and telecommunication services for the state, which are effectuated through the parent company and its three subsidiaries - Kopint-Datorg Kft., IdomSoft Zrt. and Pro-M Zrt.  Its largest customers are government bodies and institutions with statewide competencies.  The actuation of the governmental infrastructure, the e-support of administrative solutions and the provision of basic and advanced informatic services are one the first strategic objectives of NISZ.  The company – with its high-quality services – aims to to meet the innovative requirements the Hungarian public sector faces, forming an integral part of the european integration.

(Ministry of National Development)