The Ministry of Interior coordinates affairs related to local government, law and order, immigration, citizenship and spatial planning in settlements.

The Ministry of Interior is led by the Minister of Interior, Sándor Pintér, Dr. and ministers of state and state secretaries lead the various specialist departments:

The Minister of State for Municipal Affairs is András Tállai.

The other specialist departments are led by deputy state secretaries:

The Deputy State Secretary for Regulation and Coordination is  Edit Nagy Dr. Magyariné Dr.
The Deputy State Secretary for Economic and IT Affairs is  László Tóth, Dr.
The Deputy State Secretary for EU and International Relations is  Krisztina Berta Simonné, Dr.
The Deputy State Secretary for Area Management and Construction is Péter Szaló, Dr.
The State Secretary is László Felkai, Dr.
The Minister of State for Internal Affairs is Károly Kontrát, Dr.
The Deputy State Secretary for Public Employment is Imre Hoffmann, Dr.

The tasks of the Ministry of Interior related to law and order and public safety are diverse, and the Ministry sees the protection of life and property as its guiding principle. The Ministry places great emphasis on the maintenance of law and order, crime prevention and assistance for the victims of crime.

Through creation of the legislative background (e.g. the classification of crimes), the Ministry creates the legal environment within which its tasks can be carried out. The Ministry of Interior coordinates the work of law enforcement bodies, including those related to transport policing, border policing, the correctional system, the direction of civilian national security services (with the exception of intelligence gathering), and direction of the Coordination Centre for the Prevention of Organised Crime.

Recent extreme weather conditions have meant that disaster management has presented an increasingly difficult task, and for this reason protective measures and disaster prevention will be a priority aim for the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Interior is also responsible for tasks related to immigration and citizenship, which include coordination of immigration security and policing, stipulating conditions for onward migration and foreign travel, and promoting the social integration of foreigners and refugees. In collaboration with local authorities and settlements, the Ministry of Interior oversees tasks related to settlement development, planning and the functioning of settlements, which also include construction affairs and the supervision of public space.