"In the modern world, order and security are among the most important social values", said Minister of State Károly Kontrát in Tamási, Tolna County, where he was inaugurating a new fire station.

Mr. Kontrát emphasised that the Government has put significant effort into assuring and reinforcing public safety in Hungary.  He added that in order to achieve its goal the Government had not only implemented changes in jurisdiction but had also provided the necessary financial resources. By establishing the new Disaster Management Authority in January 2012, a further step was taken towards receiving the quickest possible help should one’s life or property be in danger.

Minister of State Kontrát also added that the new fire station in Tamási was built according to European standards and with the help of the Leader programme and HUF 25 million in funding from the Ministry of Interior. The new station is responsible for the security of Tamási and the surrounding 13 settlements.

11 professional and 35 volunteer fire fighters will be on duty at the new fire station.

(Ministry of Interior)