Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér has recognised four settlements that have launched new public work programmes.

Last year, the Ministry announced a tender to expand public work programmes. The winner was Nagybárkány with a program aimed at helping the social integration of the Roma population living in deep poverty by operating a public bath and a laundry. The settlement received HUF 8 million.

DownloadPhoto: Károly Árvai

Hajdúdorog won second prize and HUF 6 million for its program of re-using old building material. The shared third prize went to two companies involved in human resource activities and settlement development. They each received HUF 4 million each.

Minister Pintér mentioned in his speech that the goal of the public work program is to create valuable work that provides more financial support than receiving social benefits. He added that all participants were given jobs that corresponded to their educational background and that local governments, schools, kindergartens and retirement homes had all profited from the model programs.

According to the Minister of Interior, the next step is the establishment of social co-operatives. There are currently 89 in the country and although they now operate with the help of the Ministry and the local governments, in future they can become self-supporting and inspire others, too.

(Ministry of Interior)