The second “Talent of the Year” awards of the Institute for Educational Research and Development (OFI) were presented to three talented Hungarian students on May 16 in Budapest.

The award ceremony was preceded by a mini-conference, attended by representatives of the OFI and of three schools that specialise in teaching talented students. The conference provided an overview of the National Talent Program while the halls of the theatre in which the conference was held hosted an exhibition displaying the results of the program.

The curators of the award were Minister of State for Public Education Rózsa Hoffmann, OFI Director General József Kaposi, actor and singer Petra Gubik, national men's water polo team coach Tibor Benedek and assistant university professor Gyula Horváth.

The winners of this year’s "Talent of the Year” awards were folk dancer Mátyás Fodor in the arts category, developer of the PictoVerb application Balázs Zsombor in the science category and gymnast Noémi Varga in the sports category. The bronze award statues were designed and created by Flóra Farkas and Szilveszter Jenei, graduating students of the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest.

(Ministry of Human Resources)