"What the Prime Minister said concerning autonomy included no new elements compared to the Hungarian politics of governments during the past 25 years" Foreign Minister János Martonyi stressed in Brussels on 12 May 2014 in reply to a question from the press on his opinion regarding the right to autonomy of Hungarians living in neighbouring countries voiced by Prime Minister Orbán.

"We reject all misinterpretations of this kind, whether made in good or bad faith", the Minister of Foreign Affairs replied to the question put by a reporter from the Croatian news agency. He had nothing further to add regarding the issue, he continued.

In his inaugural speech on Saturday, newly elected Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared in Parliament that the 200,000 Hungarians living in Ukraine are entitled to dual citizenship, community rights, as well as the opportunity for self-governance.

Mr Martonyi spoke to the press after having attended a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)