The European Union must undergo changes, but not in a way that jeopardises basic principles , Foreign Minister János Martonyi said on Friday., at a reception celebration the 10th anniversary of Hungary joining the EU.

Observing the original ideas of the EU is becoming more and more important, he stated. Minister of State for EU affairs, Enikő Győri, emphasised earlier in the day, presenting awards to acknowledge efforts in Hungary's EU integration, that the country's membership is a definite success.

Addressing Europe-Day celebrations, Ms Győri pointed out that Hungary had developed a mature position on all EU issues over the past ten years and with the help of a well-functioning public administration, has managed to voice and protect its positions in a coordinated way.

Tamás Szűcs, Head of the Hungarian Representation of the European Commission, and Andrea Lővei, head of European Parliament's information office, noted the importance of EU values and respect for national identities.
László Andor, Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, said European countries after the Second World War understood what they failed to after WWI, namely how important it was to guarantee long-term peace on the continent.

May 9 is celebrated on the continent as the Day of Europe, to commemorate that in 1950 Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, proposed a political and economic pact which later provided the foundations of the European Union.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)