Hungary is ready to take steps towards launching and implementing a process of historic reconciliation aimed at countries with which it has so far been at odds, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Zsolt Németh told a conference on Hungarian–Serbian relations held at the Hungarian Foreign Affairs Institute 5 May 2014.

In his speech, Mr. Németh said the process of reconciliation between Hungary and Serbia was a „significant” one. He added, however that „we have relations with neighbours, where the issue of collective guilt has not been surmounted.”

DownloadPhoto: Endre Véssey

István Pásztor, Chairman of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMSZ), said the leadership of Hungarias in Serbia strove to make sure bilateral relations unfold with real intentions rather than mere words. He said the process of reconciliation had not yet concluded and would carry on until „every person has been remembered”.

Last year, the Presidents of Hungary and Serbia, János Áder and Tomislav Nikolic, paid tribute to the memory of those executed before and during the Second World War in Curug (Csurog), Vojvodina. The act was seen as an affirmative sign of the two countries’ joint efforts towards reconciliation.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)