The Ministry of Defence is led by the Minister of Defence, Csaba Hende, Dr., who is also head of the Military National Security Services and the Hungarian Defence Forces.

Ministers of state and deputy state secretaries lead the various specialist departments:

The Chief of Defence is Tibor Benkő, General Dr.

The other specialist sections are led by deputy state secretaries:
The State Secretary is István Dankó.
Deputy State Secretary for Defence Policy and Planning is Péter Siklósi.
Deputy State Secretary for Defence Economy is Zoltán Borbíró.

The Ministry of Defence has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it is a public administration body for national defence, overseeing the formation of objectives for Hungary’s national defence, defence policy and defence economy: specifically national defence planning and organisation, and the preparation of decisions related to defence matters and the performance of military diplomacy tasks. On the other hand, as part of the Hungarian National Defence Forces, the Ministry is responsible for the direction of the National Defence Forces, for military leadership and for the planning of defence. The Ministry of Defence oversees compliance with international commitments arising from Hungary’s 1999 accession to NATO, and is taking part in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo.