“You can continue to rely, in all respects, on the government of Hungary and the municipal leaders of Szombathely, and likewise, we continue to rely on you”, Minister of Defence Csaba Hende said during a factory tour held in honor of the German owners of BPW-Hungary Ltd.

Headed by Christian Peter Kotz, the direct owners of the BPW Group arrived in Szombathely for a two-day visit. Minister of Defence Csaba Hende attended a presentation held at their welcome reception and delivered a speech, in which he stressed that the driving force for regional development is formed by the companies belonging to the Western Pannon Automotive and Mechatronics Center, among which the BPW-Hungary Ltd. is a highly significant one. This company is the fourth largest employer in the region of Szombathely, so its operation directly affects the life of hundreds of families. The Minister of Defence said that the long-running cooperation among the government, the municipal leaders of the county seat of Vas and the company is exemplary.

In his speech, Minister Hende made special mention of the fact that the ongoing construction of the M86 freeway and the modernization of the Győr–Szombathely–Szentgotthárd railway would provide even better conditions in the future for the industrial companies of the region, including the BPW-Hungary Ltd, for example. The Minister added that in the autumn of 2015, engineer training would start on the Savaria Campus of the University of West Hungary, which may provide a skilled workforce of mid-level and senior executives for the automotive companies operating in the region.
József Brumbauer, the general manager of BPW-Hungary Ltd. expressed pleasure over having Minister of Defence Csaba Hende and Tivadar Puskás, the Mayor of Szombathely among the guests who honored the event with their presence. “This gesture also shows how excellent our cooperation is. To us, it is important that the government and the local municipal leaders are so much interested in industry and economy” – the top executive of the Vas company said.

(Ministry of Defence)