Conference – 6th of June 2013


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Plenary Session

Ms Melanie SMITH, Associate Professor, Budapest Business School
Conceptual questions of thematic route developments

Ms Mariann MAJORNÉ VÉN, Project Manager, Lechner Lajos Knowledge Center
Possibilities for the implementation of DATOURWAY strategy

Mr Tibor POLGÁR, Manager, West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Non-profit Ltd.
The development and the operation of the Iron Curtain Trail bicycle route network

Dr Tamás BALOGH, LLD, Member of the Hungarian Limes Association (HLA)
Danube Limes in Hungary - Actual Tasks and Questions from the point of view of the Cultural Heritage Interpretation, The Hungarian Limes Association

Ms Margit WAESTFELT, Alternate Secretary General, CEI Secretariat
Support possibilities of thematic tourist developments through CEI funds

Afternoon sessions on thematic tourist development

A.) Cultural and gastronomic themed routes

Mr Gergely HORVÁTH, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Hungarian National Tourist Office
Cultural and gastronomic themed routes

Dr Csilla JANDALA, Edutus College, vice rector for Science and International Affairs, Head of Tourism Department
„Multi-faceted Tourism Dimensions of the Europe for Citizens Program – Best practice of Edutus College”

Ms Kristina KUJUNDZIC, Enlarged Partial Agreement of Council of Europe on European Cultural Routes, Institute for Cultural Routes
Cultural Routes

Ms. Danijela Vicentijevic, Senior Adviser and Mr. Marko Cimbaljevic, Associate, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Sector Tourism of the Republic of Serbia
Cultural – Tourism routes in Serbia

Wojciech Ejmout, Main Expert, Ministry for Sport and Tourism, Poland
Industrial Monuments Route

Zoltán CZÉCÉ, pilgrimage leader, The Way of Mary No-Profit Association
Via Maria

Mr Bojan MEDEN, MBA, Spirit Slovenia/Slovenian Tourism Board
Alpe Adria Hiking Trail

B.) Cross-border health tourism product development

Dr László PUCZKÓ, Budapest College of Communication and Business, Institute of Tourism and Catering, Head of Institute
Regional Wellbeing Concepts: The way ahead?

Mr Kristóf SZTOJANOVITS, Hungarian National Tourist Office
Health Tourism in Hungary

Dr. Ágnes FÉNYI, Ministry for National Economy
Treatment Abroad in Hungary

C.) Tourism and sustainability

Mr Attila HEGEDŰS, Managing Director, BDO

Prof. Lucia ILIEVA, Manager of the Board Club “Sustainable development of Civil Society”: Sustainable and Energy Efficient Mobility Options in Tourist Regions in Europe
The SEEMORE project

Ing. Rostislav HOŠEK, Expert of Sustainable Development, Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic
EURO-VELO – Iron Curtain Trail n.13…

Ms Andrea BARABÁS, TDM manager, Balatonfüred Tourism Association
Balatonfüred sustainable tourism destination

Final Program


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