Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence oversees the formation of objectives for Hungary’s national defence, defence policy and defence economy, specifically national defence planning and organisation, and the preparation of decisions related to defence matters, and the performance of military diplomacy tasks. The Ministry is responsible for the direction of the National Defence Forces.

The Ministry of Defence is led by Csaba Hende.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for shaping and maintaining Hungary’s international relations, for representing national interests at a global level, and for achieving Hungary’s foreign affairs goals. Hungarian embassies and consulates operate under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A priority area for the Ministry is the shaping of Hungary’s European Union policy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is led by János Martonyi.

Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior coordinates affairs related to local government, law and order, immigration, citizenship and spatial planning in settlements. The Ministry coordinates the work of law enforcement bodies, including those related to transport policing, border policing, the correctional system, the direction of civilian national security services, and direction of the Coordination Centre for the Prevention of Organised Crime.

The Ministry of Interior is led by Sándor Pintér.

Ministry of National Development

Within the context of infrastructure asset management, tasks for the Ministry include meeting the population’s energy needs safely and economically, and promoting realisation of European Union community goals. Asset management – and within this the management and regulation of state assets and supervision of their ownership – falls within the Ministry of National Development’s remit.

The Ministry of National Development is led by Zsuzsa Németh.

Ministry for National Economy

The Ministry for National Economy is responsible for the general planning of Hungarian economic policy and the implementation of strategy for the national economy. The Ministry deals with tasks related to job creation, the creation of a family-friendly tax system, improving competitiveness, budget preparation, reducing the national debt and stimulation of economic growth.

The Ministry for National Economy is led by György Matolcsy.

Ministry of Human Resources

The Ministry of Human Resources is responsible for the functioning of the national healthcare and welfare system in Hungary, the development of school education, the protection of our cultural heritage, promotion of the interests of children and the young, and the realisation of government aims related to sport in Hungary.

The Ministry of Human Resources is led by Zoltán Balog.

Ministry of Public Administration and Justice

The Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is responsible for the harmonisation of government work, for the development of central and regional public administration – which forms the basis of the functioning of the Hungarian state – and for quality and staffing policy related to public administration. The Ministry’s priority tasks are the preparation, coordination and implementation of the Government’s justice policy.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Justice is led by Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics.

Ministry of Rural Development

The Ministry of Rural Development is responsible for affairs related to rural development, the supervision of food retail chains, environmental protection and the agricultural economy. The Ministry’s main goals are the sustainable management of natural resources, diversity of rural land use, rural development and creating conditions for the safe and high-quality production and distribution of food products.

The Ministry of Rural Development is led by Sándor Fazekas.