Though Hungary is a small country it has made quite a mark on the world, through some very strong personalities. Celebrities such as Tony Curtis, Bela Lugosi and Andy Vajna all have Hungarian roots, and famous composers (the mega-stars of their times) such as Béla Bártok, Zoltán Kodály and Franz Liszt were all from Hungary.

Source: Hungarian Tourism Plc.

There are also a multitude of everyday items that you probably didn’t know were invented or discovered by Hungarians - Ernő Rubik and László Bíró gave their names to famous objects and Joseph Pulitzer was Hungarian too. On the subject of prizes let’s not forget Nobel prizewinners such as Albért Szent Györgyi (discovered Vitamin C) and Gábor Dénes (the father of holography) amongst many others.

At the Olympics there are certain events where Hungary often takes a disproportionately large number of medals, such as Kayaking/canoeing, swimming and water polo, Hungary is often tops in fencing too, and the 7-time gold medallist Aladar Gerevich was perhaps the best fencer of all time.