Key reasons to invest in Hungary

As a member of the European Union, Hungary offers access to a market of 250 million people within a 1000km radius, while the EU common market more than 500 million people.

Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe, which makes the country optimal for manufacturing, services and logistics. Hungary is the ideal base for investors who are planning business developments, including those coming from distant countries and wishing to seize European markets. Key reasons to invest in Hungary

  • Ideal geographical position in the centre of Europe for manufacturing, services and logistics
  • Excellent infrastructure, ready-made industrial sites, offices and science parks
  • Good balance of labour costs and quality
  • Governmental incentives (cash subsidy, tax allowance)
  • Investment friendly economic policy
  • Competitive tax system

Hungary – The right place for your investment

“The unique advantages of the Hungarian branch can be summarized as favourable location, all European countries easily accessible within 2 hours, growing economy, EU accession, technically qualified and highly skilled professionals with language knowledge at a reasonable cost” Dinesh Thampi, General Manager, Delivery Center Head

“While the characteristics of Hungarian workforce make Budapest an ideal choice of location for multinational companies, Hungarians also find the dynamic and multicultural atmosphere of corporate giants appealing, creating the right recipe for a mutually satisfying and long-lasting match between employer and employee. Young Hungarians are educated at a high level, satisfying your need for well qualified fresh graduates.” Frido Diepeveen, operation manager, Randstad Hungary

For more information please contact The Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA): [[[yqWmEUTwFRJCQ7YchNN0DaW52ZXN0bWVudEBoaXRhLmh1]]]