During his recent visit to Camp Mike Spann in Afghanistan, the deputy commander of the ISAF Regional Command North was informed about the tasks of the Military Advisory Team, introduced to the soldiers’ living conditions and participated in a medal parade held for the members of the outgoing rotation.

Brig.-Gen. John F. Bullard, Deputy Commander, International Security Assistance Force, Regional Command North (ISAF RC-N) recently visited the camp of the HDF Military Advisory Team (MAT). On his visit, Brig-Gen. Bullard was joined by SGM Maurice Griggs, the US command sergeant major of Regional Command North (RC-N).

At the start of the official visit, the general and his companion were received in camp Mike Spann by Col. Zsolt Molnár, the commander of the HDF MAT and Lt..-Col. David Ditz, deputy commander. Gen. Bullard was informed in detail about the tasks of the advisory team. He was introduced to the key leaders as well as the accommodation and living circumstances of the MAT.

The personnel of the HDF Military Advisory Team reached full operational capability on May 31, and since June 1 it has been operating in its own area of responsibility. Recently, in addition to the daily advisory tasks, its designated personnel has participated in an operational conference and counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) working meetings at Camp Marmal.

The commander, the deputy commander and the senior NCOs participated in a medal parade held for the outgoing rotation of the HDF National Support Element at Camp Marmal. On June 8 and 9, the entire personnel received special in-theatre training.

Besides the operational tasks, the continuous training of the personnel is given priority, just as the retention and development of their skill level and the organization and implementation of various training courses for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

(WO Ferenc Csoma)