The Hungarian contingents deployed on various missions in Afghanistan always help the work of one another. We saw a good example of this in late July in Kabul.

The second rotation of the HDF Kabul International Airport Force Protection Contingent (HDF KAIA FPC-2) has very good relations with the seventh rotation of the HDF ISAF CSS Logistic Mentor Team (HDF LMT) based at a nearby camp, and they help each other to attain common objectives.


Working in the Kabul camp of the Afghan Military Training Centre, the HDF LMT has the mission of assisting and mentoring a nearly 90-strong logistic training cadre. The trade training cycle for the enlisted conscripts of the Afghan National Army (ANA) lasts for nine weeks, during which the school trains close to 200 personnel. The mentor’s tasks are threefold – they consist of driving and movement, weapon and vehicle maintenance/repair and cook/support sections.

The Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) cell on the staff of the HDF KAIA FPC has the core mission of assisting the people living in the area of the airport, but beyond that, they have another important mission of supporting the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). Earlier the mentors had already supplied plastic barrels to the school, but these were used for storage of leftovers. Acting on a proposal made by Maj. László N., the commander of the HDF LMT-7, to continue the project and to improve working conditions, another 12 water barrels for transporting water or ice to soldiers on missions were handed over to the commandant of the school at the end of July.

Due to the high rate of illiteracy among attendees of the courses, the trainers have to read out the texts aloud. Despite this, as the Afghan commandant told us, there is a great need for the Highway Code so they can acquire driving skills, and the CIMIC officer is helping them with obtaining these books.

The effect of the present project on the relation between the Afghans and the Hungarians is by all means positive, since the locals are very pleased to receive all kinds of help, and hold those in high esteem who support them according to their needs.