With the participation of the senior NCOs of the nations operating in the subordination of the Regional Command North (RC-N) in Afghanistan, a ‘Command Sergeant Major’ (CMS) conference was staged in Camp Marmal by Mazar-e-Sharif at the end of September.

The RC-North Commander also attended the conference, which was organised with an aim to exchange the experiences, to evaluate the results of the mentoring activity and to further enhance the team spirit among the members of the senior NCO personnel.

M G Vollmer informed the service members about the future plans, activities and the forthcoming transformations of the ISAF and the RC-N. He outlined the principles of the prospective new system, projected his requirements concerning the execution of the future tasks, and then answered the questions of the service members.

The General expressed his appreciation for and satisfaction with the work performed so far, and the efforts taken for the assistance and development of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).