The 7th cell of the HDF National Support Element stationed at Kabul, Afghanistan may not seem so significant in terms of its strength. Its tasks and responsibilities, however, are all the more significant. Except for the northern region, this cell is responsible for supporting and supplying all Hungarian troops deployed in the Afghanistan theatre of war.

During the 61 days that have passed since the rotation, the members of the cell moved close to 200 personnel and 40 tons of materiel. They made local acquisitions to fulfill the locally emerging requests of the HDF Kabul International Airport Force Protection Contingent (HDF KAIA FPC), thereby improving the soldiers’ everyday living and working conditions.

The American partners provide a large number of combat vehicles and military equipment in use in the area of operations, but the 7th cell is responsible for the inventory, replacement, servicing and repair as well as the overall management of issues related to these operations. Accordingly, the cell cooperates with the HDF KAIA FPC in conducting intra-theatre movement between military bases.

Besides the personnel of the Hungarian Defence Forces deployed in the Afghanistan theatre of war, the Kabul-based NSE cell also assists and supports the work of partner armed organizations like the personnel of the EUPOL.

In addition to the tasks of its core function, the 7th cell actively participates in organizing and managing national and international sports and free-time activities as well.

(Capt. József Juhász)