155 days have passed since the airplane of the 1st rotation of the HDF Operational Advisory Team (HDF OAT) took off, and left Terminal 1 of the ‘Liszt Ferenc’ Airport behind it. We summarised the activity and the life of the Contingent until now in the following, briefly, concisely - in a soldierly way; a bit unconventionally, in figures, sometimes with only a rough estimate.

1 team, 2 nations, 3 basic tasks, 12 American soldiers. 14 vehicles. 18 different training sessions and courses organised and led for the Afghan Party. 22 weeks spent in the operational area. An average of 25 words per advisor learnt in Dari language.

Photo: 1st rotation of the HDF Operational Mentoring Team

26 birthdays celebrated in the area of operation. 31 fellow Hungarians. 53 tasks performed out of the camp, by each person, in average. 55 negotiations, meetings, conferences. 85 training days conducted for Afghans. 97 hours spent in airspace. 107 executed convoy operations. 296 reports presented. 210 hours spent directly with the Afghan security staff. 330 hours in splinter-proof vests, per each person. 356 trained Afghan border guards and standby policemen. 977 “Russian leaves” (thinking of being at home...). a 3650 kilometre drive on the roads of Afghanistan. 3720 hours without the family, the beloved partner. 5932 pieces of photo and video recordings. 6600 liter of fuel consumed. 36 thousand bottles of water drunk...

However, the experience, the scenery, the tremendous inner pride of our soldiers, the value of the contacts built, and friends made are inexpressible in figures. To sum up these, they were briefly, concisely: unforgettable!

(1st rotation of the HDF Operational Mentoring Team)