The members of the seventh rotation of the HDF ISAF CSS Logistic Mentor Team (HDF LMT) participated in a sports event and a qualification shooting competition organised by their German colleagues in early October.

In a mission the most important thing is the task-execution arising from the basic functions, but sustaining the motivation has an equally significant role, for which a fantastic occasion is offered by the participation in competitions, challenges, organised by other nations. The HDF LMT troops were given this opportunity when they took part in the sports event and qualifying shooting competition organised by the Germans and conducted with German and American collaboration.

Photo: HDF LMT-7.

The tasks began with the German qualification examination series organised by the Command Sergeant Major (CSM) of the GAFTAG (German Armed Forces Technical Advisory Group), where – competing for the Leistungsabzeichen-medal – the Hungarian team achieved very good results. At the basic physical examination, they collected 3 gold grade and 6 silver grade medals. Then they put the crown on the series of examinations of the physical tests during the 12 kilometre long route march, where the entire personnel equipped with a 15-kilogram knap-sack, each, executed the route march within the time limit stipulated for the gold grade.

In the next phase of the contest, the members of the HDF LMT had to prove their theoretical knowledge: they performed excellently both in the topic of defence against NBC (i.e. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) weapons, and during the CLS (Combat Life Saver) test. The closing event was HK P8 pistol shooting, where their professional marksmanship resulted in 4 golden, 4 silver and 1 bronze grade.

The next challenge was the German (the prize of which was the Schützenschnurr – the German Marksmanship Award) and the American qualification shooting. The personnel of the HDF LMT stood their ground well in spite of the fact that most of the service members fired the German HK G36 service rifle, the HK P8 pistol and the American M4 carbine for the first time. In the German shooting contest, our soldiers won 1 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals, which they can wear on their full dress uniform from now on. In the American qualification shooting exercise, 4 received the “Expert”, and 5 the “Sharpshooter” medals, much to the astonishment of the American training personnel.

The Commander of the GAFTAG expressed his appreciation for the achievement of the HDF LMT, and our soldiers again demonstrated that fighting hard and giving a good account of themselves is the virtue of the Hungarian soldiers.

(HDF LMT-7.)