Kabul, Kabul Province

  • Currently the eighth rotation of the HDF Air Mentor Team is serving in Kabul.
  • Strength: 12 personnel (6 officers; 6 NCOs/warrant officers).
  • The mandate of the contingent has been extended to run until May 1, 2013.
  • The mission of the HDF Mi-35 Air Mentor Team is to provide classroom instruction and on-the-job training for the attack helicopter aircrews of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) and to participate in the aviation unit maintenance (AVUM) of the helicopters of the Afghan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC) as well as to mentor the aircraft maintenance technicians.
  • The HDF Mi-35 AMT performs its instructional and mentoring activities in the subordination of the NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan (NTM–A).
  • Our main objective is to train and prepare the Afghan National Army for autonomous and effective task execution. Our objective is to enable the government of Afghanistan to maintain security in the country by itself.