Kabul, Kabul Province

  • Base: Kabul
  • Mandate: From May 2010 – continuing
  • Strength: 11 personnel
  • The full strength of the German-led NATO ISAF Combat Service Support (CSS) School is 25 personnel, of whom the Hungarian Defence Forces have posted 11 soldiers to the Kabul-based institution. As of the summer of 2012, the mentor team has been augmented with three Croatian mentors.
  • The mission of the Hungarian logistic mentor team is to prepare and mentor the Afghan trainers who are to conduct six-month basic-level trade training in the fields of maintenance, supply, traffic, cooking and motor vehicle driving.
  • For the first time in the history of their engagement in missions abroad, the Hungarian Defence Forces are now conducting an activity during which the main focus of logistic tasks is not support and servicing but rather logistic mentoring, that is, the provision of special trade training for operations.