Ministry for National Economy

Mihály Varga

Minister for National Economy

Office of the State Secretary

The Office of the State Secretary directs the Ministry’s organisation, and ensures its coordinated operation. It prepares the Ministry’s organisational and operational regulations, makes proposals on the Ministry’s work schedule and continuously monitors implementation of the work schedule.

State Secretariat for Parliamentary and Strategic Affairs

The State Secretariat for Parliamentary Affairs carries out specific tasks defined by the Minister, and takes part in developing and representing the Ministry’s standpoint. The Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs directs the mechanisms for reaching cross-party agreement, and gives opinions on plans developed in the course of the Ministry’s preparation of legislation.

State Secretariat for Public Finances

The most important task of the State Secretariat for Public Finances is formation of new public finance and budgetary policy, maintenance of fiscal discipline with regard to the entirety of public finances, management of the budget deficit, and development of proposed legislation related to the Budget and Appropriation Accounts.

Minister of State for Economic Regulation

The primary duties of the Department for Economic Regulation are elaborating the development strategy of SMEs, monitoring the efficiency of the programmes aimed at enterprise development and providing guidelines for industrial strategy.

State Secretariat for Tax and Financial Regulation

The State Secretariat for Tax and Financial Regulation forms tax and public accounting policy, develops valid tax legislation and determines tax strategy. It directs and oversees economic policy programmes arising from European Union integration, principally in the preparation of the updated Convergence Programme.

State Secretariat for Employment Policy

Among the Secretariat’s tasks are the formation of legislation and preparation of legislative proposals, the formation of employment policy programmes, the preparation of forecasts, tracking trends in employment and the monitoring of changes in the demand and supply of jobs. The Office regulates vocational and adult education and training, registration, and the formation of programmes related to these.


State Secretariat for for Planning Coordination

The State Secretariat for Planning Coordination participates in the drafting of long-term economic policy strategies, supervises the formulating of regional development concepts and programmes as well as the regulation of planning mechanisms. The State Secretariat also analyses and harmonizes regional development processes and economic policy objectives, and it oversees the preparation of impact assessments of related Government measures. The Office also manages the implementation, operation and elaboration of the system for regional development concepts and programmes. Head of the State Secretariat is István Komoróczki, Dr.